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 Turn Your Home Into A Cozy Haven With These Monsoon Décor Ideas

While on one side the monsoon infuses the air with a great deal of charm and petrichor, it can also very well cause havoc in the city leaving many feeling all blue and gloomy. One way to fade these blues is to surround yourself with an uplifting aura and some soothing colors by revamping your place a little. The home interior decoration in Chennai is beautifully molding itself to counterbalance the gloomy and dark outside. Whether it be the curtains, bed linens, or any other corner of the home, these well-compiled tips are sure to brighten up and refresh every detail of your home. 

So, without any further ado, let’s hop on some easy tips and tricks for your home interior decoration to make the most of this monsoon season.

1. Adding Light:

home interior decoration

This is a dead cert way that can do wonders for a place. A dark room can be comforting sometimes but other times, it can feel gloomy, dismal, or lifeless. The warmth of your place can be enhanced by adding chandeliers, scented candles, and melancholy lighting. Since light plays a significant role during the rains, it is crucial to pick the type of light that would best suit your mood during the monsoon. To enhance your atmosphere, surround the candles with flowers or an invigorating scent.

2. Choosing The Right Bedding:

home interior decoration

During these months, the temperature dips down a little, making it vital to maintain your bedrooms warm and comfortable. And the suitable bed linen must be selected for that to transpire. Vibrant bed linens, cushions, a duvet, and pillows can play a great role in popping up the atmosphere a bit and making it ambient and welcoming. Using satin sheets in the monsoon is also an ideal choice; the light fabric will keep you cozy. It has an opulent appearance while yet feeling soothing against the skin.

3. Curtains To Balance The Light:

home interior decoration

Although we won’t deny that dark and heavy drapes provide a regal and royal look to your room, monsoon is just not the right season for them. The rain can destroy the fabric of your expensive drapes and thick curtains during cold weather block sunlight from entering your room and the dark colors add to the gloominess. Opting for translucent or brightly colored drapes helps create a passage for sunlight to flow making it look spacious and full of life.

4. Go Green!

home interior decoration

Nothing enhances your abode better than nature. When decorating your indoor space, choose tiny, breathable plants, and when decorating your outside space, choose some beautiful statement plants. If your balcony is on the smaller side, you might also choose hanging planters. Plants also contribute as a stress reliever and mood buster giving your place a serene and calm aura.

5. Wind Chimes:

home interior decoration

Wind chimes and monsoons are connected for centuries. Wind chimes were created and used to alert people of storms. But the contemporary world pays great attention to aesthetics and the aura of their space. Hence the purpose of wind chimes has evolved accordingly. On a rainy afternoon, the chime’s sweet tone is soothing. They can be hung on balconies, windowsills, porches, and other places where they can sing a soothing tune as well as add to the aesthetics of the space.

Summing Up:

You can also get in touch with an expert to get advice on how to redesign your home or your favorite corners. Interior Decorators in Chennai can offer you some great expertise and proficiency.  It can make all the difference to have a second opinion on what might work and what might not. But be sure to add your essence and love to your place as Nate Berkus has rightly said ‘Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.’