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5 Luxury Residential Interiors Trends You Cannot Miss In 2022

The horizon for luxury residential interiors design in 2022 is broad and eclectic. There are some fresh hues, textures, and materials, however, new moods are playing an essential role in the versatility of these trends. As we blink into the daylight after the past two years, the way we wish to live our lives has subtly changed.

The purpose of our houses has changed along with how we want to spend our time there, which has an impact on every choice we make about aesthetics and decor.

An interior design trend is a central concept that all project parts are developed around; it is the thread that knits all the design components and gives the project’s overall personality. The last ten years have seen a significant shift in these trends, and it now appears that, rather than emerging from grassroots design movements, the most recent trends are instead being set by publications and fashion channels.

 Now as promised, here are 5 luxury residential interior trends to follow in 2022:

1) The Changing Color Palette:

The Changing Color Palette
The Changing Color Palette

Colors are essential to interior design and are always significant to the most recent trends. Colors may help or hinder your designs since they arouse feelings in the occupants of your space. Last year, cooler hues like purple had the upper hand over the warm colors.

Warm colors are, nevertheless, making a significant comeback in 2022. All shades of red, orange, and tangerine will rule the trends of 2022. This year, earthy tones in homes are most frequently found in browns and beiges. Beige and the warm color palette are replacing the cold hues this season, while last year, grey was primarily employed as a base shade.

2) Curves Are In:

Curves and smooth edges help in setting a welcoming and comforting tone in a home. They are at a great pace replacing the boxy edges and disciplined lines that have been a mainstay in the designing for ages. Comfortable and puffy sofas, round mirrors and furniture, and abstract artworks are ruling the trends in 2022. It makes the interior of every home a luxury residential interiors.

3) Flexible Usage of Space:

Flexible Usage of Space

Previously, locations were designated for the function they performed, such as sitting areas, dining areas, meeting rooms, etc. However, to order to maximize available space, consumers today prefer more multipurpose areas. Flexibility is a current interior design trend since practicality and functionality are crucial.

For instance, situationally, space can be converted between a living room and a dining room using fold-out tables and chairs. Additionally, moving around the space is made simpler by employing furniture with unobtrusive wheels.

4) Concrete Elements:

Although concrete has long been a popular material for flooring and countertops, it is now also being utilized in a more inventive and creative manner, such as for furniture and home design items like pendant lights. The usage of concrete in interior design trends for 2022 is encouraged in more creative contexts than only as a surface element.

To avoid having an overly grey area when using concrete in your décor, pair concrete accents with vibrant, warm colors like reds or yellows to keep your space abreast of the latest interior design trends.

5) A Greener Home:

A Greener Home

People are going toward warm tones and natural components, which suggests that interior design trends are adopting a more environmentally responsible approach.

Natural wood is used everywhere in the latest trend, including in flooring, countertops, accent decor, and cabinetry. This current interior design trend is also addressed by materials that resemble stones like marble, granite, and pebble. Recycled and handmade goods are becoming increasingly popular, not just among customers and designers but also as a statement of their commitment to environmentally friendly design. One of the hottest interior design trends for 2022 is bringing nature indoors, whether you do it with a sustainable bamboo floor or an indoor plant garden.

To Conclude:

We would like to add that there are ample designs available in the market currently. In 2022, it is all about luxury residential interiors beautifying efficiency. So, keep your needs, lifestyle, and most significantly your personality a priority while designing your home, and the rest of the aesthetics will just align themselves accordingly. We at The Art Interiors and Design named as one of the best interior designers in Chennai make everyone feel comfortable with the interior designs we craft.